Got a question about Race Ready? Hopefully you’ll find an answer below in our FAQ’s. If not, get in contact via our email. 

For runners

No. The Race Ready app exists to provide evidence-based advice and guidance to runners to improve their safety at endurance running events. Although this advice is accurate, it is generalised advice for all runners, rather than personalised medical information. Your doctor will have access to information about your medical history so is able to give you personalised medical care. If you do not feel your doctor’s advice is in line with that of the Race Ready App, then you could always share the app information and discuss your concerns.

The medical advice issued on the Race Ready App should be similar to the medical advice distributed by your race or event. Some races may provide slightly different advice tailored to their event distance and conditions. We suggest you follow the specific guidance issued by your race, but you can use the Race Ready App as a helpful adjunct.

Race Ready provides generalised medical advice to keep you safe. It does not give personalised medical advice. Fortunately, running is safe for most people, even those with medical conditions. However, if you have a medical condition, you must discuss your exercise plans with your doctor so that they can give you advice specific to your medical problems. 

The app is free to download and use. We aim to make medical safety information as accessible as possible to all runners. We are set up as a community interest company (CIC) and we are not-for-profit.

Even with lots of experience, most of us can perform better or learn more about keeping ourselves safe! We provide all our content in three different levels. So, if you feel confident with most of the topics, you might find it interesting to delve into the science a bit more and read level 3 to improve your knowledge.

We are continually adding evidence-based content to the app. If there is a topic you’d like us to write about, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to add this to our content.

For Race Directors

The Race Ready App aims to provide evidence-based and unified medical and training advice that is easily accessible for all runners. Races and events can direct their participants to use the app, thereby reducing the need to generate extensive medical guidelines themselves.  We hope that the Race Ready App will become a central and reliable source of information globally. Importantly, we have gamified the app so that it appeals to runners and promotes their engagement with the medical content.

The information provided on the app is evidence-based and a collective of best practices agreed upon by major partners including the World Academy for Endurance Medicine. The app content is written by Dr Amy Boalch, a doctor and running coach with a Sports Medicine MSc. The content is then reviewed, edited and approved by a group of sports medicine clinicians, medical directors and researchers: Professor Rob Galloway, Professor Courtney Kipps and Dr Paolo Emilio Adami. You can visit our ‘about’ page to learn more about their medical backgrounds.

Currently the Race Ready App does not have the capacity to add race event branding or specific event information. However, this is something we are keen to develop in the future. If you would like to get involved in this, or have specific requirements, please get in touch with us. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to mitigate all risk from endurance running events. The Race Ready App aims to provide as much evidence-based medical safety advice to runners as possible. We hope that this will reduce the risk of any adverse effects whilst racing but we understand that medical problems will always occur. We ask users to agree to our terms and conditions upon signing up to download the app and we also have insurance as a CIC. Ultimately, medical safety during a race remains the responsibility of the race organiser and therefore individual events should have their own medical provisions and insurances in place.