Do you want to be Race Ready?

The Race Ready App provides evidence-based medical and performance advice at your fingertips, keeping you safe and ready to race at your best.

Race insights at your fingertips

Input your race date and watch the clock count down as you cover everything you need to keep you safe, prepared and performing at your best.

Race ready app screen, screen shows the first page users see when they download the race ready app.
Master the essentials

Get access to all the information you need to prepare for your race including medical, performance, nutrition and hydration advice.
All topics are split into three levels, so you can choose to learn the basics or delve into the science. Watch your progress bars fill up as you cover more and more content.

This content is all written and approved by sports medicine and race doctors, meaning you’ll have access to high quality, evidence-based advice.

What you'll learn
Why use the app

The Race Ready App is with you from the moment you sign up to race, right until you cross the finish line. Race Ready is here to make that journey as smooth and safe as possible.

01. Minimise stress

Our checklists are designed to guide you through everything you need ahead of race day, let us do the thinking for you!

02. Achieve your goals

Our performance and nutrition tips can help you maximise training and arrive at your race feeling your best.

03. Keep safe

Access key medical advice and quick tips so you know how to keep healthy during training and racing, and when to seek medical help.

04. Be in the know

Our weather feature allows you to monitor the weather in your race location so you can prepare and know what to expect.

Finish well