About race ready

Race Ready is an app that provides evidence-based medical and performance content to improve your running and race experience.

Why we exist

Currently many race organisations do not provide sufficient medical advice to participants, and for those that do the quality of information can be variable. Race Ready addresses the need for evidence-based and unified advice that is easily accessible for all runners. Race Ready raises awareness of medical issues that can affect you both during training and racing and it provides recommendations to keep you safe based on the latest research. The app features content covering medical, performance and nutrition topics. The information is presented in three different levels, which allows you to begin with the core basics and build up your knowledge from there.

The content is written by Dr Amy Boalch, doctor and running coach, and reviewed by Professor Rob Galloway, Dr Paulo Emilio and Professor Courtney Kipps. It is a collective of best practices agreed upon by major partners including the World Academy for Endurance Medicine.

This is a not-for-profit organisation with content available to all, free of charge. The app development, management and launch has been funded by the Matthew Good Foundation.

Picture shows Amy, who is a member of the Race Ready team

Dr Amy Boalch

Doctor & running coach, Marathon Medic

Amy is a medical doctor with a Masters in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health. She has volunteered as a medic at multiple UK road races, including Brighton and London Marathon. She is also a committee member for the London Marathon Medicine Conference, an event which aims to bring the latest running research to runners and clinicians ahead of the London Marathon each year. Amy is a qualified running coach with UK Athletics and hosts a blog and podcast ‘Marathon Medic’ which shares training tips and exercise advice. She is a keen runner herself, mainly enjoying long distance trail races. 

Picture shows Rob, who is a member of the Race Ready team

Professor Rob Galloway

Medical Director, Brighton Marathon

Rob is dual trained in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care but works clinically as an Emergency Medicine Consultant at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Trust. He is lead for undergraduate Emergency Medicine teaching at Brighton and Sussex Medical School where he is an Honorary Clinical Professor. He is the Medical Director of the Brighton Marathon Weekend and a senior medical advisor to Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. He also works as a doctor in the media, writing a fortnightly column in a national newspaper about medical issues. His clinical interests are in patient safety, clinical decision making and endurance exercise.

Picture shows Paolo, who is a member of the Race Ready team


Sport & Exercise Medicine Specialist

Paolo Emilio is a medical doctor specialising in Sports and Exercise Medicine and he holds a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology. He is the Medical Manager of the Health and Science Department at World Athletics, where he organises health and medical services during World Athletics Series events. His research interests include cardiovascular adaptations induced by exercise, prevention of sudden cardiac death and the effect of pillution on health and performance. He is also interested in the use of exercise for health enhancement and disease prevention.


Picture shows Courtney, who is a member of the Race Ready team

professor Courtney kipps

Sports Medicine Doctor

Courtney is an honorary Sports Medicine consultant at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH) in London and co-leads a Masters in Sports Medicine, Exercise & Health at University College London. Courtney is also heavily involved in the London Marathon. He is the Assistant Medical Director for the event and also organises the ‘Marathon Medicine’ conference that occurs the day before the marathon. This is the largest, and longest-running, conference focussing on the medicine and science of endurance running. 

Picture shows Tim, who is a member of the Race Ready team

Tim good

Chairman, Matthew Good Foundation

Tim and Matthew Good set up their charitable foundation in 2011 as part of their shared vision to use their family company to make the world a better place. Tragically, aged 32, Matt died of exercise-associated hyponatremia and exertional heatstroke whilst running a half marathon. The foundation was named after Matt, and its first project led to the creation of the International Institute of Race Medicine (IIRM), now the World Academy for Endurance Medicine, whose mission is to promote the health and safety of athletes participating in endurance events. The Matthew Good Foundation has funded the initial creation and launch of Race Ready, including the management, communication, app development and website.